Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

“If you donít plan where you want to go there's a very high probability youíll end up arriving where youíre going”

In such a fast changing and competitive market, businesses need to constantly understand the environment they operate within to ensure that they are on the right course and adjust direction if need be.

A strategic plan isnít a plan unless its in writing, committed to by the key members of the organisation and used as a living document.

The main purpose of a well thought out strategy is to provide a framework that will guide the many actions taken by directors, managers and employees on a day-to-day basis, in order for the business to achieve its performance objectives, crucial for survival today and to ensure continued customer satisfaction and to meet financial, employee and society objectives.

A business's actions and the context in which they are taken will together determine the performance of that business, which is directly influenced by the internal and external environment impacting on the business.

We will help clients in the development of a strategic plan which best suit its needs with well defined measurable objectives; critically analyse its resources to ensure that the organisation is well equipped to implement the agreed strategy; handhold organisations in the early stages of strategy implementation; assist organisations after implementation to develop tools which will help organisations measure the benefits of the strategy.